Wildlife Management Programs

Wildlife Management Programs

Commercial Nuisance Wildlife Management

Critter Control of Pittsburgh NE is your wildlife management company. Our team creates a unique method of wildlife management to control your wildlife problem.

Our wildlife solutions usually follow these steps including:

  • Identification
  • Trapping & Removal
  • Damage Repairs
  • Prevention Techniques

Our professional technicians are trained in all wildlife animal habits, intelligence levels, and diets which creates the ability to implement effective commercial wildlife management solutions for you.

Commercial Wildlife Trapping & Removal

Critter Control of Greater Pittsburgh offers safe and humane trapping, and removal techniques. Your technician will be extensively experienced on removing all types of wild animals. Specific methods of removal are required because of differences in intelligence levels, diets, and habitat preferences that each animal has. Our team of experts will create a plan of wildlife management and removal that suits your needs.

Commercial Damage Repairs

Wild animals can create extensive damages within your commercial business. Critter Control of Greater Pittsburgh will repair the wildlife damages done to your business, whether it be aesthetic or structural. We'll do what's necessary to fix the problem. Many of our damage repairs will second as preventative measures to help keep wildlife out in the wild where they belong.

Commercial Wildlife Prevention

Prevention is one of the most important methods of commercial wildlife management as it provides future protection from wildlife invasion. Your technician will educate you on what steps we take to prevent infestation and how to maintain it.

Call a Professional!

Wildlife problems are much easier to prevent then to control. Improperly implemented management programs can create more problems for your business. Call a professional at Critter Control of Greater Pittsburgh to properly take care of your commercial wildlife problem.