Animal Damage Control

Animal Damage Control

If you have squirrels in your attic or mice in your walls, then you need help with wildlife control. Wild animals can become aggressive if cornered and it is important to keep in mind that they may harbor diseases and parasites. Hiring a professional for wildlife control can prevent unnecessary health risks to you and your family. Critter Control of Pittsburgh NE offers top of the line wildlife animal damage control services and repairs. Get rid of wildlife messes and damages today.

Wildlife Damage Control Methods

Critter Control of Pittsburgh uses a variety of methods for animal damage control. We work efficiently and effectively, keeping best interest of the homeowner in mind as well as handling wildlife humanely and safely. Below are some control methods we us:

  • trapping
  • exclusion
  • habitat modification
  • management
  • prevention

Using our inovative techniques, we will remove the nuisance wildlife, repair damages and implement our prevention techniques. If you are experiencing problems with raccoons in your crawl space, bats in your chimney, or other nuissance wildlife, call our professional animal control specialists to help! 412.927-3483

Before and After

Critter Control of Pittsburgh NE repairs wildlife damages to keep wildlife out for good! Check our wildlife damage repairs below!

squirrel damage in pittsburgh NE wildlife damage repair